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Calendar generator for Microsoft Excel that outputs calendars in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format
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10 June 2007

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Microsoft Excel application is widely used across numerous businesses and it can be effectively used for recording database and maintaining large catalogs of various records. Furthermore, it includes calculation and graphing tools and is called the most widely used spreadsheet applications for official work. The various software available as add-ons for Microsoft Office components function as practical utilities for enhancing performance and one such utility is XLCalendar 1.4.0 that is a calendar generator for Microsoft Excel that outputs calendars in the Excel spreadsheet format and is helpful for generating perpetual calendars and customized calendars in your own language and styles using creative ideas and unique themes for personal and professional use.

XLCalendar opens with a neatly arranged interface that facilitates generation of customized calendars along with the facility of adding notes to the calendar made and also supports various styles and formats to make these calendars. The exclusive features of the software includes, outputting calendars in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format in a simple and flexible manner that is easy to use and refer to. The software supports generation of different types of calendars like a monthly calendar for target reference, yearly calendar with a list of official holidays etc. Moreover, the user has the option to create calendars in own language and layouts featuring events and important appointments and also supports marking country wise holiday lists. The entire formatting for the calendar is done through Microsoft Excel and can use the various Excel tools like formulae building, inserting imagery and facilitates preview and printing option as well and desired page set up.

XLCalendar 1.4.0 scores high on account of its inherent flexibility and it collection of vast set of tools that enable the user to perform wide variety of functions. The application earns a score of four rating points for its overall impressive performance and its user friendly interface.

Publisher's description

XLCalendar is a calendar generator for Microsoft Excel that outputs calendars in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. Using XLCalendar, you can easily make various kinds of perpetual calendars, and custom calendars in your own language, holidays and styles.
Main features:
* Outputting calendars in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format
Use Microsoft Excel to make calendars, and output calendars in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. It is easy to use, powerful and flexible.
* Supporting various kinds of calendars
Using XLCalendar, you can make various kinds of perpetual calendars. For example, monthly calendar on multiple worksheets, yearly calendar on one worksheet. The yearly calendar can be used with various month layouts, such as the 1x12 month layout, 2x6 month layout, 3x4 month layout and 4x3 month layout.
* Customizing your own calendars
You can make calendars in your own language, formats, layouts and styles, add your own holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events, and add the month name, weekday name that you like.
* Supporting various holidays and special events
XLCalendar supports numerous holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Labor Day. It supports various holidays for different countries, such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. You can represent holidays using day (such as Feb 14) or weekday (such as the first Monday in Oct).
* Designing calendar directly in Microsoft Excel
XLCalendar is a template-based calendar tool. All formatting is done directly in Microsoft Excel. You can take full advantage of Microsoft Excel including cell formatting, conditional formatting, formulas, drawing and pictures, page setup, headers and footers, preview and printing, VBA, and more.
Version 1.4
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